Frequently Asked Questions

Why use EVE Wreckbench instead of zKillboard?

While the main purpose of both zKillboard and EVE Wreckbench are the same the data can be different. This is due to the long history and time of operation zKillboard has.

Next to this we offer the same sort of information for those who granted EVE Workbench access to their killmails or the corporation killmails. In most cases the information can be the same but in many cases zKillboard will have more killmails available.

TL;DR: just use what you want, we even still use zKillboard ;)

Why a different name?

During the development period of this (sub)project we decided to use a standalone name for EVE Wreckbench as it is a different type website then EVE Workbench is. While the lay-out and look&feel might be the same the data shown are retreived using the killmail endpoints of EVE Online.

Both sites use the same infrastructure and can be scaled on its own.

Why doesn't have EVE Wreckbench all the killmails?

We don't have all the killmails by default as CCP doesn't make them publically available. If you miss your killmails on our website you can do one of the following things:

  1. Authorize EVE Workbench to retrieve your killmails;
  2. Ask your corporation director or CEO to authorize to retreive the corporation killmails;
  3. War kills
Can't access a kill due to a error

If you encounter errors on our website we want to ask you to report them on the EVE Workbench Discord-server. Then we can check what goes wrong and how we can resolve the issue.